05 April 2017

Some quilting occurred

Cleared off the kitchen table, set up my newest machine, and got some quilting done on my mini shadow blocks quilt that I have named Reflections of Fall.  I really like how it is coming along.

Took pictures of the farm Kalido blocks on my design wall. But still need to cut the corner blocks but I haven't decided what I am doing for the corners. Also need to cut a new strip of the John Deere fabric. Need more of the striped cows too.

Did not get a chance to baste the Blue Storm at Sea wallhanging but I have the backing and batting cut and ready.

I'm very happy with how it looks.

03 April 2017

New Storm at sea

I started a kit I have had for a couple of years last Monday. As of Sunday, it is now a filmsy! YEA.

Here is the last pic before it got sewed together.

04 March 2017

En Provence is a Flimsy!

Whoo hoo! En Provence is a top! So happy. It looks so wonderful. Unfortunately it's too late to take a picture. Tomorrow! Yea!!

20 January 2017

En Provence - slow progress

Well, my bee meets tomorrow but I don't know if I can stay for more than an hour as I will also have my two young grandsons over for the weekend. However, I have GOT to go!

I am diligently sewing on En Provence. All of the separate clues are made and now I am assembling the sashing and the 16 blocks. Only one block is currently made but quite a few of the sashing strips. 

It has been so much fun to see all of the completed quilts but a little disheartening too because I work and there is no way for me to do that much sewing right now. So many of the quilts look like my pieces and parts but OF COURSE they should since I am using the same color scheme that Bonnie picked for us.

I have several UFOs just poised to be finished but my attention was captured by En Provence so they are stagnating.

09 January 2017

En Provence - Block reveal!

Here is my first block of En Provence, the Bonnie Hunter Mystery. I love it!

With our weather (8.5 to 9.5 inches of snow and 2 degrees F), it was easy to sew up a storm!

12 December 2016

BH Mystery! Clue 3

Finished 139 Clue 1 of Bonnie's new mystery and got about 49 of Clue 3.

Awaiting the fabric for Clue 2 (and I need a Tri Recs ruler, Hummm).

Here is Clue 1 so far:

And here is clue 3. Love the colors! Back to Bonnie's Clue 3

10 December 2016

Face plant

Amazing how a face plant on asphalt while running will really stop you in your tracks and send you to the hospital for the day but then you get home and you sew 20 blocks of Clue 1 for Bonnie Hunter's new mystery.

I even FORGOT to check the next clue.

Good grief, Charley Brown!

06 December 2016

Oops! Fell of the no-buy wagon

Oops. Had to buy the constant fabric for the new Bonnie Hunter mystery. Also got some Kona Snow and Kona Premium Black which are allowed as they will be for backgrounds and borders!

Cut out and sewed four or five 21" strips of neutral fabrics for the Clue 1. So lovely to touch my fabric and sew something simple.

I don't have to stress about what I haven't done. Sigh.

DS completed his first day of work ever. He is exhausted but so am I from all of the driving. He only has a learner's and no car (obviously).

Now I am facing this driving adventure for three months. Sigh.

That's why I HAD to cut and sew some fabric last night. It's my therapy! (LOL)

I guess you could say that I am already behind on this mystery but I don't care. I love the colors and I am inspired!