27 July 2017

Here is a test slideshow of my quilts. Trying to help Bonnie Hunter find an alternative to Youtube slides which are going away. It was pretty easy to do it. Never done it before.

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26 July 2017

One Picture -- a bunch of X!X! Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Mine is worth some expletive-deleted words!

Yup. Did not see the block going the wrong way until I was admiring the freaking picture!! There will be un-sewing in my very near future.

The blocks are fairly large and it was interesting to see them in a variety of layouts on the conference table at work.

Love this one.

Love this one too.

Didn't like this one. Not symmetrical enough for me.
Did  not like this one. The pale blocks are too prominent. I want the green ones to rule.

22 May 2017

New Start

I got tired of the teeny tiny piecing so I have started a blue double Irish Chain with 2.5" strips and two different blues. Gorgeous! 1 block is done and appears to be about 10.25" square.

Worked on my Featherweight to make sure my seams with a scant .25" and not too much less. It was much less before the adjustment.

Had a wonderful weekend, celebrating our 17th anniversary. SO, not much sewing happened.

17 May 2017

Potato Covering

I had a lot of fun this weekend creating a cover for our pototos that sit on a wire rack.

I brought my upholstery skills to bear in creating it. I used a piece of denim that was about 4 inches or so wider and longer than the shelf and then cut the holes for the legs and sewed down the flaps of denim. I then added rectangles of denim to the front and back at the same width and then larger (by about 3-4") on the sides to extend it almost to the floor. I top-stitched where I added the additional fabric.

Then I created a  TON of binding in a cute red and white using just full lengths of fabric, about 6 lengths of 2.5" cuts and bound all the edges. It turned out GREAT!

This was brand new denim that someone gifted me a long time ago. So all of it was made from my STASH! That's a big win. Took me most of Saturday to make it but I love the results.

O! I forgot to add that I made this with my Singer Featherweight. Sewed like a champ through the thick layers of the denim. Even the top-stitching through two layers of denim went together easy-peasy!

View from the back

View from the side

View from the front

A view of the potatoes!

Mini #4 is completely together and I am thinking about how I want to quilt it.

Mini #2 is still being pieced. I changed machines and now my scant quarter-inch is even scant-er. So my new blocks need to be trimmed down. Humm...

I had an issue with my Janome 9000.  I was sewing along when the needle fell out and jammed in the bobbin case. Now the machine makes a weird noise when the bobbin turns and I may need to get a new one. I do have an extra; I just need to find it.

So now I am using my Singer 221 Featherweight. I also got out my new hand-made wooden surround for it that I purchased at the February MAQF. So lovely. That's the next picture I need to take -- to show you my set up.

Mini #3 has more pieces per block and is also suffering from the change in machines. It is making me crazy!

09 May 2017

Sewing -- ERROR!

So this weekend, I was sewing merrily along and WHAM! My needle dropped out and jammed in the bobbin case. UCK! Now my machine is making an awful sound every time the bobbin spins around.

So I cleaned it out, reassembled, did this a couple of times. NOPE. Still making the bad sounds.

Time to swap machines.

SO I brought out my Featherweight and set it up. Also opened up my new surround for it. Bought it back in February at the MAQF (Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival). O wow, this is fantastic.

This is a lovely handmade wood surround and it is so lovely. I am really enjoying using it.

So my mini #1 is on the back burner, waiting for me to get better with free motion quilting. It's already half quilted.

Mini #2 is stalled in the thought process. I have 8 of those blocks together but need at least another 8.

Mini #3 is slowly coming together. It sure takes a lot of ironing.

Mini #4 is speeding to the finish line, as far as the piecing goes.

05 May 2017

Miniature Quilts

I have plunged into the world of miniatures! Unfortunately the nature of this particular challenge requires that I not publish any pictures. 😡

SO I may have to write my comments privately and not show anything for like a year! Wow. Humm...

I am part of team 220 in the IMQE from The Quilt ShowMy quilt will not be due until Jan 2018.

05 April 2017

Some quilting occurred

Cleared off the kitchen table, set up my newest machine, and got some quilting done on my mini shadow blocks quilt that I have named Reflections of Fall.  I really like how it is coming along.

Took pictures of the farm Kalido blocks on my design wall. But still need to cut the corner blocks but I haven't decided what I am doing for the corners. Also need to cut a new strip of the John Deere fabric. Need more of the striped cows too.

Did not get a chance to baste the Blue Storm at Sea wallhanging but I have the backing and batting cut and ready.

I'm very happy with how it looks.

03 April 2017

New Storm at sea

I started a kit I have had for a couple of years last Monday. As of Sunday, it is now a filmsy! YEA.

Here is the last pic before it got sewed together.

04 March 2017

En Provence is a Flimsy!

Whoo hoo! En Provence is a top! So happy. It looks so wonderful. Unfortunately it's too late to take a picture. Tomorrow! Yea!!